When you start marketing products or services, it is important that you understand why customers choose a product or brand. Some reasons lie in human psychology, e.g. the need for security or society.

Only when you know these buying motives can you successfully align your marketing and personal sales with them and win buying customers. With suitable promotional gifts, understandable information material or a website designed to match the motifs, customers can now be persuaded more easily to buy from you and only from you.

Awakening buying motives with targeted and successful advertising
In the following we present some important purchase motives, which you can use for your advertisement and integrate into your offers. If you have already read some of our articles, then you know that it is our highest principle to put the customer use in the foreground. It must be the same with advertising, because with it you show yourself as the expert for your customers, your unique selling proposition and also the value your customer has for you.

We recommend that you don’t read our list of purchase motives from your salesperson’s point of view, but see it through the glasses of your customers. Take a look at our tips, compare them with your offers and adapt them to your personal situation.


Desire for recognition

Most people want to be special: they strive to be noticed and admired by others. Status, prestige, influence – these motives make us willing to spend money on resources that help us to gain recognition. So if you see that your customer’s motive is recognition, it’s worth addressing that desire, at least subtly.

Desire for a good conscience

Everyone wants to be able to buy the product they want with a clear conscience and not regret it. This is why you have the chance here to awaken the buying motive of a “good conscience” in your customer.

Need for security

In Maslow’s pyramid of needs you can read something about the basic needs of man. The need for security forms the basis of all other needs of a human being besides the survival needs. The desire for security is essential, be it at home, at work or in securing personal prosperity.

If we do not feel safe, we feel a paralysing fear. Customers buy out of conviction when they feel safe or when they are freed from fear.

Satisfying curiosity

There is no one who is not curious and we are always looking for new products or experiences that arouse our interest, spur us on and take us further. Nobody really likes to be at yesterday’s stand. It’s not for nothing that NEU is one of the favourite terms in the advertising industry and always a strong buying motive.

Customers like to see something new, experience something new and buy something new, because they feel that they are among the first to be able to use the goods, the product or the service. So if you can offer news, then also emphasize that they are NEW – maybe not for you, but for your customers.

Maintaining convenience

Curiosity stimulates, but can also be a certain hurdle for extremely comfortable people if it is related to effort, for example with the exact information about a product. Therefore, maintaining comfort can also be a motive for buying. After all, there is enough stress and hustle and bustle in life, which is why most people want to reach their destination easily, comfortably and above all effortlessly in their free time.

Achieving or maintaining health

Health may not be everything, but without health everything is nothing. There is a lot of truth in this proverb. The buying motive of health is strongly pronounced in almost all age groups, that one cannot enjoy or realize life without the necessary health or beauty. Therefore it is not surprising that arguments for a good or better health in the sales have a promoting effect. After all, the health industry is also one of the most booming sectors and not only in Germany.

Striving for profit

Everyone wants to be a winner, everyone wants to feel success and feel really good with it. Just the impression that someone has a noticeable advantage or really saves money with a product lets him experience the feeling of a real profit. This buying motive is also not surprising, because it is what triggers the highest emotional reaction, which you can cause in the B2C as well as in the B2B area.

Desire for company

Like the need for security, the desire for society is one of the basic needs of every human being. Nobody wants to be alone or even lonely, our social connections are the salt in the soup when it comes to joy, recognition and affirmation.

We love to share and exchange events with others.This powerful social factor is a strong buying motive, without which the travel or experience industry would not have a chance.

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