I think there are simply secrets to success as an online marketer that are not taught in normal courses. But if you know them, then nothing stands in the way of your success.

Money must not be your main motivation

I don’t have anything against money. Quite the opposite! I LOVE money! But money as main motivation doesn’t work at all. You want to get rich fast? Forget it!

What you need to be successful is a strong why. You have to know why you do all this at all. Because especially in online marketing you get paid for staying the course. The way is long and stony! If you don’t clearly know why you are going, then you won’t be able to hold out.

There is no success overnight

Success is ALWAYS the result of excellence. And excellence does not happen overnight. No master has fallen from the sky yet. It takes years to become excellent in a certain field.

Years in which you learn eagerly and devotedly. Of course, you can also earn money without excellence. But if you want to be RIGHT successful, you have to be in the top 2% in your field. Otherwise it won’t work.

So look for something that really brings you joy and fun; for which you burn totally. After all, do you want to spend years doing something you’re not interested in? Well, I don’t… That’s why choose wisely!

Your product must have top quality

There is only a successful online business if you constantly revise your products and excellence is your goal. You have to constantly think about how you can create even more value for your customers. Every single day! To do this, be guided by feedback from your customers and prospects. They tell you what they need and what their goals are and you give it to them.

You have to be the success also VALUE to yourself

I worked hard for something and as soon as the first successes came, I started (subconsciously, of course) to sabotage myself. And the simple reason was: I wasn’t worth it to be so happy and successful! I was also too much afraid of envy and too much afraid to really go to my full size…

And this is your task every day: To be more and more VALUE to you, to expand yourself and to accept your talents and gifts more and more. Until at some point you live your full potential and ALL your talents.

Without the right environment it is not possible

Another very important reason why so many don’t have the success they want is that they have the wrong environment. When all your girlfriends are employed and your husband tells you every day that you are crazy, that you want your own business, it’s like you want to swim across the English Channel with a ton around your neck.

You need the exchange and the support of people who go the same way as you! You need people who lift you up, inspire and motivate you. You need people who accept you the way you are and just love you.

It’s like playing tennis. You can only improve if you play with partners who are at least as good as you or better. So look for the right environment! That is ALL important!

This is especially true for cooperation partners! Always work with people who bring you closer to you and your heart. And learn friendly “No!” to all others to make.

Perfectionism paralyzes you

I know it sounds a bit paradoxical because I said yes that high quality is so important, but another very common reason why people fail is that they are paralyzed by their perfectionism. The difference between high quality and perfectionism is simply that high quality is customer oriented. You give your customers what they want, as best as possible.

Perfectionism on the other hand is only defined by your ego. You look for reasons why you can not go on, which exist only in your head and are completely unimportant for the customers. So listen a lot to your customers, but don’t listen to your wrong thoughts, which tell you that you are not good enough.

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