TikTok is the new social network that succeeds, especially among the youngest. So much so, that it is in contention with Instagram for the number 1 spot.

How does TikTok work, what is it about, and why is it so popular (especially among teenagers)? We’ll find out.

What is TikTok

TikTok is a social network of short videos (maximum 15 seconds). You can find short videos on any topic and easily create your own by adding stickers, music and effects.

TikTok is very focused on music. Most of the videos are of people dancing and singing (or lip-syncing) to the beat of the hottest tracks.

Why? Because the well-known Musical Ly app was bought and merged with TikTok. That’s why a lot of the content and hashtags have a lot to do with those short dancing and singing videos.

However, that’s not all it’s about. TikTok wants to be the queen of short video social networks, no matter what the topic. And she’s on her way to doing it. He’s already outdone Snapchat and wants to unseat Instagram and his Stories.

You can download TikTok for free for Android here and for iOS here.

How TikTok works

On the home screen (house icon) you have two main sections.

One of them, called “For you”, shows you videos that may interest you according to your browsing habits, what you give as a favourite, who you follow, etc.

You can interact with the video on screen by clicking on the icons at the bottom right. You can interact with the video on screen by clicking on the icons at the bottom right. This will allow you to mark what you like with the heart icon, share on WhatsApp or social networks, comment, go to the profile of the person who created the video to follow it, etc.

You can also press long and you get more options, like saving the video or even saying you don’t like it, so the application learns and shows you more things in your line.

Slide up to see more videos. This way, you’ll have unlimited entertainment.

In the “Next” tab you can see the videos that have been uploaded by those you are following.

Searching for your favorite videos on TikTok

In the next search icon (the magnifying glass) you will be able to access a bar to find the themes that you like the most, as well as showing you the hashtags that are the trend and exploring new videos that are succeeding.

How to create your own videos in TikTok

All you need is ingenuity and 15 seconds to create something to break it. Hit the center button on the white cross over a TV icon.

Your mobile camera will connect and you can start recording the next viral that millions will watch. As you can see, you can add effects, use the Selfi camera, upload videos you already have on your phone, etc.

TikTok makes it very easy to create short videos, adding music, sound effects and visuals to be the next superstar on the web.

Finally, because TikTok is a social network, you have the typical message and account management sections to interact and set up your profile as you wish.

So you know, TikTok is revolutionizing everything. If you don’t want to miss the train of the new fashionable social network, install the app and sharpen your wits with video.

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